How To Make Yummy Freeze Dried Fruits Doughnut Cake

Mar. 19, 2019 | 09:11:55

Yummy Freeze Dried Fruits doughnut cake

Prepare materials:

Low powder 60g

Eggs 2

Delicious Freeze Dried Cranberry Whole   Moderate amount

White sugar 30 grams

Pumpkin dried fruit  15 grams

Lemon juice 5 drops

Corn oil 40g

Baking steps:

1. Put the pumpkin dried fruit in a fresh-keeping bag and knead it with a rolling pin.

2. Low powder screening

3. Mix pumpkin powder with low flour

4. Pour in the corn oil and mix well.

 Yummy Freeze Dried Fruits Doughnut Cake

5. Thickened

6. Add the egg into the pot and add the sugar and mix well. Add a few drops of lemon juice.

7. Use electric electrician to hit the color to white, the volume is enlarged, and there is obvious texture.

 Yummy Freeze Dried Fruits Doughnut Cake

8. Pour in the mixed batter and mix well by mixing and mixing.

9. Mix the delicate egg yolk paste, preheat the oven, and fire up and down 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

10. Put the mixed paste into a disposable flower bag without frying

Yummy Freeze Dried Fruits

11. Squeeze the opening in the flower bag, squeeze the egg paste into the mold, fill it up, and pick up the mold to make a small shock.

12. Put the mold in the lower layer of the oven and fire it up and down for 180 minutes and 15 minutes.

13. Sprinkle with Delicious Freeze Dried Cranberry Whole

Delicious Freeze Dried Cranberry Whole

14. Take out the demoulding

15. Prepare a cup of Freeze Dry Instant Soup

Freeze Dry Instant Soup

It is time to enjoy the yummy cake.

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