How To Store Green Peppers In Mechanical Refrigerator?

Jun. 11, 2019 | 11:48:05

Here is Frozen Vegetables Manufacturer talking about How to store green peppers in mechanical refrigerator.

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At the beginning of the storage of green peppers, the temperature of the fruit must be lowered to the optimum storage temperature. 

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Otherwise, the high temperature makes the green peppers breathe vigorously, the ethylene release is large, the green pepper turns red quickly, and the storage life is obviously shortened. Secondly, the initial high humidity will cause the microbial activity to flourish and the susceptibility of green pepper to increase. In addition, the initial temperature is high, the green pepper water is dissipated quickly, and the air humidity is high, resulting in an increase in the rate of decay. Therefore, the difference between the temperature of the green pepper storage and the temperature of the reservoir is as small as possible. This wine requires pre-storage and pre-cooling of green pepper before storage, which reduces the difference between green pepper temperature and storage temperature.

Cold storage, cooling is ideal, but pay attention to insulation, moisturizing, and dehumidification. The temperature should be controlled within the range of 10 ° ~ 1 °, the relative humidity of 90% ~ 95%.

Second, modified atmosphere storage

There are two specific methods:

1. Rapid oxygen reduction method

Put the peppers to be stored in the sterilized totes, and do not ring about 10kg, press the "T"-shaped pattern for each other. The 10~20cm gap between the sputum and the sputum, the top layer is covered with thin bamboo or sack, kraft paper, etc., to prevent the water on the top of the plastic account from dripping directly on the fruit and avoiding the cutting of the pepper. Cover the plastic account and seal it, and then isolate the outside air, then carry out oxygen and nitrogen, and reduce the original 21% oxygen content in the account to the appropriate range of 2% to 5%. In the future, it is measured once a day, and the O2 content is adjusted to within 5% according to the measured index; the CO2 produced by the respiration is removed by a CO2 remover, and the content is controlled within 3%. Check every 15 days or so to remove the lesion or decayed pepper.

2. Natural oxygen reduction method

When using this method, the requirements for quality, packaging quantity, stacking method and reaction time of pepper are basically the same as above. The difference is that after the pepper is sealed, when the O2 content is reduced from the absorption of the pepper to 6%, it is adjusted once a day to keep it within the range of 3% to 6%, and not less than 3%. The CO2 content is generally controlled below 6%.

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