The Best Storage Period Of Garlic

Jun. 18, 2019 | 15:47:29

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The best storage period of garlic

There are different varieties of garlic in different places, and the storage resistance of garlic stalks is also different. Most varieties can be stored for a long time. The storage and storage of garlic stalks are moderate and robust, and it is not suitable for tenderness and old age. Timely (preferably the same day) into the storage after harvest, significantly better than delayed storage (fire, car long-distance transportation). Garlic cloves are best produced on-site for storage, both in storage and avoiding long-distance transportation. The superiority of storage in the place of origin has now been recognized by more and more companies. Storage and timely storage are important for the storage of garlic.

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The best storage environment and temperature of garlic

Garlic is like low temperature, not resistant to high temperature. It is easy to turn yellow when the temperature is above 10 degrees. It should be stored in cold storage below 5 degrees. The relative humidity is 80%-85%. It has been freed from dehydration and drying. Do not pile up. Prevent the intermediate temperature from rising too high and keep certain ventilation. For long-term storage, use fresh-keeping bags and preservatives, specifically contact professional cleaning companies to get their technical and equipment support.

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