Planting Strawberries Is Easy

Jan. 05, 2019 | 09:49:16

According to your needs, what kind of strawberry is best suited for planting?

There are two standard sorts of strawberry crops, namely strawberries produced in the summer and berries that blossom in all seasons. Strawberries produced in the summertime can be subdivided into early, mid and late summer crops.

1. Year-round or recurrent strawberry crops: This is the most popular strawberry since it can persist for five decades or longer. The outcomes of flowering throughout the entire year are abundant. 

2. There are many forms produced in June: This"Strawberry Factory" can make a large number of strawberries in the summer and midsummer, depending upon the planting period. If you would like to use strawberries as frozen or cooking ingredients, consider using this cherry.

3. Japanese-Chinese strawberry plants: These are much like the strawberries produced in the whole year, but the annual output is significantly less. If you want to choose the strawberries right and bathe them on weekdays, this strawberry is a good choice.

4. Alpine Strawberry: A very compact strawberry. The fruit could be small but scented and is ideal for making strawberry jam.

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