What Is The Nutritional Value Of Small Octopus?

Apr. 16, 2019 | 14:19:06

Today we IQF Baby Octopus Supplier come to summarize What is the nutritional value of small octopus.

Octopus is a high-protein, low-fat ingredient. It contains up to 19g of protein per 100g of octopus. It is not inferior to ordinary beef, pork and fish. It is 6 times more protein than milk and contains all the essential amino acids of the human body. Real quality protein. At the same time, the octopus has a very low-fat content of only 0.4 grams of fat in 100 grams, while the same weight of lean pork has 6.2 grams of fat. Grass carp, which is also a fish product, has a fat content of 3.2 grams per 100 grams of fish. Therefore, if we want to take in protein and don't want fat to exceed the standard, the octopus is a good choice.

Octopus is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

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Octopus is rich in taurine. The content of taurine in octopus is much higher than that of normal meat. It can resist fatigue, lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels. It is suitable for high blood pressure, low pressure, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis and painful swelling. Toxic and other diseases. In addition, taurine is a non-protein amino acid with special health effects. It has been pointed out that taurine can promote the development of brain tissue and improve visual function in infants and young children, and it can resist oxidation and delay aging for adults.

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