Memory Of Corn

Nov. 27, 2018 | 14:26:59

Remember the season of corn ripening?

In the fields of late autumn, at first glance, the golden cornfield overflowed with the fragrance of toil, the heavy corn pressed corn poles bent down, we can always see the happy smile of the peasants. This is the season of harvest. , an exciting season.

This is everyone's restoration of the most realistic scene. Even if you haven't really seen the cornfield, you will always see such a scene description on TV or in the book. It is very beautiful.

However, corn is a very common food. It can be steamed, cooked, corn soup, and can be used as a side dish. Slowly, corn is becoming more and more common. 

Now,  I have to change the way to eat -- Freezing Dried Sweet Corn Kernels. This is a convenient and nutritious way to eat. It is said to have been included in aviation food.

The moment when we opened our freeze-dried corn kernels, the rich corn scent floated out, crunchy, crispy, and completely boiled with corn.

We are a professional manufacturer of freeze-dried corn kernels. If you are a big fan of corn, please contact us.

In addition to freeze-dried corn kernels, we have other Yummy Freeze Dried Vegetables, such as Natural FD Okra Whole Piece. If you like, please write to us to tell us how you cook okra.

Waiting for you.

Freezing Dried Sweet Corn Kernels, Yummy Freeze Dried Vegetables, Natural FD Okra Whole Piece

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