How To Make Fruit And Vegetable Salad?

Mar. 22, 2019 | 15:54:51

Today we Instant Food Frozen Drying Fruits come to teach you how to make fruit and vegetable salad.

Frozen Drying Blueberry Whole

Health benefits:

Blueberry: blood circulation

Strawberry: anti-cancer and anti-cancer

Lettuce: eye protection, anti-cancer and anti-cancer

Ingredients for food:

Small grapes 50g

Salad dressing

Blueberry 50g

Corn kernels 100g

Strawberry 6

Lettuce 1 small


1. Prepare the materials

2. Corn is cooked in a water pot

3. Wash blueberries and small grapes

4. Wash and slice the strawberries

5. Wash the lettuce, soak it in cold water, drain the water, shred

6. Washed and chopped fruits and vegetables

7. Put the lettuce on the bottom of the bowl first.

8. Mix the grapes, blueberries and corn kernels on the lettuce.

9. Finally, put the strawberry slices on the top.

10. Topped with salad dressing and mix well when eating.


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