How To Make Frozen Corn?

May. 14, 2019 | 15:30:31

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Tools/raw materials

How To Make Frozen Corn?

Many corns, one large container (used to cook corn), sharp knife

6-8 empty cake pans, a basic empty refrigerator, and freezer, plastic sealed bag

Quick-frozen corn making steps:

1. Find the right corn. From small to small, corn has not been enough to grow and grow old. Farmers only pick it for a short time. Of course, everyone has their own definition of when corn is too big to be eaten! You can shake the corn cob by hand to determine if it is just ready to eat. If the corn cob fills your palm and the top corn has turned brown, it's time to pick it. If it still looks too thin, keep it for another day and pick it again.

2. Once you have picked enough corn (one or two hundred corns) that will allow you to process it in a busy day, sit down and remove all the corn skins.

3. Put all the corn in a container or a fixed point. This fixed point must be where you can see the newly harvested loot - if you don't look at it, there are always some animals (whether on the farm or In your backyard, follow the simple signs and take your fresh corn.

4. Clean the corn - of course, unless you are the type of silky natural corn silk that you don't care about when you eat it. It is best to make your corn completely clean and shiny, and there is no corn silk. This is a very hard and difficult job. At work, it is helpful to put a bowl of water on the table to soak your hands, otherwise, you will end up working like a spiderman, and everything you touch will be glued.

5. When all the corn is clean, move them into the kitchen. Here's how to deal with the harvest of this day (about 500 corn cobs).

6. Bleach corn. There are other ways to prepare and cook corn, but many believe this method provides the best taste. Bleaching means you have to put the corn in the water, cover it, and look for some way to boil the water.

7. Remove the corn as it boils and let it cool as soon as possible. When you remove corn and put it in another, the fresh corn will make the water a little colder, you need to start from the beginning, so each root takes about 5-10 minutes to boil. It is now the hardest part. You have cooled the corn very quickly, and if you only cool 10 corns, it's easy. But how to continuously cool 500 corn? If you just put them in the water, the water will heat up and lose the ability to cool. You can put ice cubes in the water or keep changing the water, but both methods are only suitable for smaller quantities.

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