How To Eat Frozen Food?

May. 05, 2019 | 10:48:59

1. Quick-frozen foods should be mixed with succulent food. Do not use Yummy Quick Frozen Food as the sole staple food. If you eat quick-frozen food, you can use it with steamed bread. If you eat quick-frozen steamed buns, it is best to use a bowl of porridge. Second, when cooking frozen food, burn some vegetables. For example, if you cook frozen dumplings, you can put the vegetables together and cook them, then mix them with oyster sauce or seafood sauce, soy sauce, etc., and mix them with dumplings. This is not only easy to make but also reduces the effects of fat and sodium on the body. It also supplements nutrients such as dietary fiber and multivitamins.

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2.  First, Iqf Food should be cooked immediately after opening the package. The long storage time will cause food deterioration and nutrient loss. Frozen food such as fish will be restored by the vitality of microorganisms and enzymes, causing deterioration.

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3. The amount of water should be appropriate. When cooking, the water should be less and less. The more water you use, the more the water-soluble vitamins are lost. The nutrients in most foods are soluble in water, such as inorganic salts, which range from 10% to 25%. Vitamins range from 15% to 25%. In order to reduce the loss of nutrients, an appropriate amount of starch can be added to the food as needed to wrap the soup on the food.

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