How To Choose Raspberries?

Mar. 26, 2019 | 11:21:18

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Raspberry is also called Shumei. The shape of the raspberry is small and the color is bright. Raspberry is rich in vitamin E, which can play a role in beauty and beauty. Eating more raspberries can improve the condition of the skin. Raspberry contains a proper substance, which can enhance the elasticity and toughness of blood vessels, and has a remarkable effect on cardiovascular diseases. Raspberry is rich in vitamins and trace elements, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and effectively promote human health. Raspberry tastes sour and sweet, not only suitable for children but also suitable for the elderly. Eating raspberries are very beneficial to human health. How to choose raspberries? How to choose raspberries?

1. Look at the shape

Generally, the appearance is full and the color is uniform. It is generally a symbol of long sunshine time. Such raspberries will be sweeter. At the same time, raspberries should also choose the kind of rhombus. You can choose the suitable raspberry from the shape.

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2. Look at the color

When choosing raspberries, it is recommended to choose a color deep red, shiny is better, generally like this type of fruit is sweet and sour. The darker the raspberry color, the more mature the raspberry is, and you can safely eat raspberries.

3. See the hardness

Generally, when selecting raspberries, it is recommended to choose a harder one. The general fruit is soft or partially soft. It is not recommended to choose. Generally, if it is soft, it is easy to break.

4. Look at the size

Generally, most of the fruits are not as sweet as they are. Generally, the selection of large fruits is not limited. Generally, small fruits are not worse than large fruits in taste. Generally, if the fruits are abnormally large, it is recommended not to select them.

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