Garlic Fresh-keeping Process Preparation

Jul. 02, 2019 | 09:23:21

Here is Frozen Vegetables Manufacturer talking about Garlic Fresh-keeping Process Preparation. 

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1. The product should be completely disinfected and sterilized before storage, and smoked disinfectant can be used, 500 grams per 100 cubic meters.

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2. The quality standard should be mature, complete, no deformity, bright green color, crisp texture, no swelling, no aging at the base of the stalk, no obvious disease or mechanical damage (such as slashing), uniform thickness, stolon length Should be no less than 30 cm.

3. It is best to use the garlic that was harvested in the early stage, and pay attention not to harvest after the rain or with the exposed.

4. After harvest, it is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun and placed at room temperature for too long, try to make the day of harvest on the same day.

5. Garlic cannot be stored in time, should be placed in a cool place, and avoid a lot of accumulation, resulting in yellow hair.

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