Frozen Seafood Must Not Be As Good As Live Seafood?

Apr. 19, 2019 | 16:52:29

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Is ship frozen, shore frozen, rawly frozen, cooked frozen, silly and unclear?

Frozen Seafood Supplier

Are Arctic crickets, black mullet, and silver carp, all squid?

In order to make the whites of seafood frozen products more professional,

Frozen seafood:

Must it be fresher than fresh seafood?

Frozen Seafood Exporter

Among all the delicious ingredients, it is probably the most "choose" of seafood on freshness! In people's common sense, how can seafood and seafood be tolerated? Fresh, probably became the most basic requirement for people to seafood. Many people think that the seafood that is alive and kicking and smart and smoothing must be the best! Most people prefer the former when they choose between fresh seafood and frozen seafood!

If you live by the sea or are close to the fishing village, it is reasonable to ask for fresh seafood. However, most people, in fact, it is impossible to wait for the fishing boat or the dock while the seafood is out of the water, and buy life first from the fishermen. In daily life, what we often touch is actually frozen seafood.

But frozen seafood is definitely not as fresh as fresh seafood? We quietly tell you a little secret: some frozen seafood is often fresher than fresh seafood.

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