How to Clean Frozen Mussels?

Jun. 26, 2019 | 15:13:28

Do you know the methods to clean Frozen Mussels? Today we would like to teach you how to clean it. 

Please see the following methods supplied by Frozen Seafood Exporter:

Frozen Mussels

Frozen Mussels

1. Brush the surface of the frozen mussel with a brush or gauze, such as a toothbrush or a brush for washing the pot. Brush most of the seaweed on the surface; use a knife to scrape the shellfish on the surface of the mussel and rinse with water. Sandy or moss, can not be eaten, and they should be scraped off. The black spots are larger, look at the color after the hair is good. If it is still black, you can scrape it to see if you can remove it or scratch it to see if it is sandy. If it can't be scraped or has sandy quality, it proves that the quality of the mussel itself is not good. The best mussels should be yellow or light yellow after rising, and the whole body should be free of motley.

2. Then pull out the moss that was born on the meat of the mussels, slowly pull it out by hand, sometimes need a little effort, so be careful.

3. Pour the mussels into a pot, add the right amount of water, so that all the mussels are immersed, add a little salt, let it stand for about 1 hour, let it fully spit out the mud, you can change 1-2 times in the middle.

4. In addition to the above cleaning methods, you can also use a knife and other tools, the two shells of the mussels are opened, as follows, so directly flush the meat, if it is brought to the barbecue and so on.

5. There is a cleaning method that only wants to keep the meat, that is, put the mussels in boiling water for a few minutes, after the mussels are opened, pick out the mussel meat one by one, then rinse with water, but this method is only suitable for diners who do not have a high demand for mussels, because this method will lose the sweetness of the mussel itself.

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