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May. 23, 2019 | 11:46:00

First, the type of Yummy Quick Frozen Food


Cooling food: no need to freeze, is the food that is lowered to the freezing point and stored at this temperature.

Frozen food: Food that is preserved at a temperature below the freezing point after freezing.

Cooled foods and Yummy Quick Frozen Food are collectively referred to as frozen foods. They can be divided into five categories: fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat and poultry eggs, rice noodles, and conditioning foods according to raw materials and consumption patterns.

Yummy Quick Frozen Food

Second, frozen food

Quick-frozen food means that the raw material is properly pretreated, and it is usually frozen rapidly within the following 15 minutes, and its temperature rapidly passes through the temperature range of -1 - -5 ° C in 30 minutes (also known as the largest ice crystal formation zone), and the food is frozen. After crystallization, and the food storage and transportation temperature is also lower than -18 ° C. The food is rapidly frozen in the ultra-low temperature environment, the tissue and cell structure are not changed, the activities of microorganisms, enzymes, etc. are temporarily suppressed, and then sealed, vacuum packed (preventing dry consumption, fuel consumption, oxidation, etc.), and finally placed at minus 18 degrees. Long-term preservation in the following environment, time 300-600 days.

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