Frozen Cephalopod

May. 31, 2019 | 16:53:28

Here is Freeze Common Octopus Exporter talking about Frozen cephalopod.

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1. Frozen squid, squid

The squid's ink bag contains a large amount of ink. If the ink contaminates the carcass, the quality will drop. In order to prevent the contamination of the ink, the ink bag can be clamped or ligated with a plastic clip or coarse cotton sand. It can effectively seal. Live in the mouth of the ink bag. After the sealed squid is washed with seawater, the ink will not be splashed and contaminated with body fat. The washed squid is arranged in a cold dish for freezing in a single or block form. When the center temperature of the fish body reaches -24 ° C, the plate is frozen and unwound, and then the polyethylene film bag is placed in the cold storage.

Frozen whole squid can also be processed and frozen as described above.

Generally, squid (150 ~ 200 g / only) produced in the east coast of Zhejiang can be frozen in blocks, each packed in 10 kg.

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2. Frozen inkfish, head, wings

The quick-frozen speed of cuttlefish meat, head and wings is -24 °C, and the refrigerating temperature is -20 °C.

The head is required to add 10% of the weight of the head salt, stir, until the tentacles and tentacles are hard to turn out. Its yield is about 45%, 20% and 10% of the total weight of the fish. The viscera and bone account for about 25% of the total weight.

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