The Rise Of Freeze-drying Technology

Feb. 15, 2019 | 17:34:11

Here is China Freeze Dry Instant Food Supplier talking about Freeze-drying Technology. 

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Freeze-drying technology has been created from the 1940s and has been widely utilized in the aerospace area of the Soviet Union, the USA, and other nations, therefore it's also called aerospace freeze-drying engineering. This technology optimizes the colour, odor, flavor, nutrient composition and looks of the fresh food. It's a" wonder of keeping the human body and soul of their meals "

It's noted that in the aviation program, NASA has devised the technologies of frozen dried vegetables so as to permit astronauts to consume vegetables in the room to supplement vitamins. The tech would be to eliminate an excessive amount of water included in vegetables, whereas the chlorophyll and vitamins in fresh veggies may nevertheless be preserved. From the program, individuals used this technology to allow astronauts to eat area foods containing vegetables.

Together with the evolution and popularization of all freeze-drying technologies, the food of this exclusive astronauts has " flew in the houses of ordinary men and women."

In Quanzhou, the use of freeze-drying technology isn't unusual. 2 decades back, Fujian Dequn Food Company made 1.05 heaps of vacuum (like vacuum freeze-dried durian pills, freeze-dried reddish infusion, freeze-dried cherry, and also freeze-dried black infusion ), that was analyzed by Quanzhou. After review and oversight, the quarantine agency exports to Hong Kong.

"Freeze-drying technologies is very stable in developed countries and has been the mainstream merchandise of their everyday consumption." Even though the freeze-drying marketplace in China is still in its infancy, using the constant improvement of ingestion power and customer awareness of Chinese folks, freeze-dried goods will eventually become food. The upcoming strategic chance for the provider.

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