How To Make Low-temperature Freeze Dry Yogurt?

Nov. 12, 2018 | 10:28:51

Making Freeze Dry Yourt:

1. Prepare ingredients.

2. Yogurt must use a high consistency.

3. Mixing milk powder and cornstarch.

4. Mix well with the yogurt, be careful not to over-mix, so as not to reduce the consistency of the yogurt.

5. Add sugar and lemon juice to the egg and beat it with a whisk.

6. At this point, you can preheat the oven at 150 degrees.

7. Quickly mix the yogurt paste and the protein cream, do not circle to avoid defoaming.

8. Bake the plate and spread the paper with a garland.

9. Move fast, 150 degrees-20 minutes, turn 100 degrees-30 minutes. Because it is low temperature and slow roasting, it is recommended to bake the remaining yoghurt egg cream in the refrigerator when it is baked.

Now, we have a simpler and faster way to enjoy a cleaner, more nutritious, more delicious, no added freeze-dried yogurt Block for you.

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