Fd Freeze-drying Technology And Vf Vacuum Low-temperature Frying Dehydration

Jan. 22, 2019 | 10:04:01

Here is China Freeze Dry Vegetables Supplier talking about Freeze Dry Food.

Because freeze-dried foods maintain the meal's nutrients, physiologically active ingredients, color, aroma, and taste to the utmost extent, freeze-dried foods are superior to traditional dehydrated foods. Together with the improvement of the living standards of the people, freeze-dried foods as high-fat meals will surely be favored by customers.

Even though the development of freeze-dried food in China started late, it has strong competitiveness in the global marketplace. At the moment, there are many sorts of freeze-dried foods sold online, but some merchants use the" freeze-dried food" dumplings to publicize and sell non-freeze-dried foods.

Now let's explain the difference between FD freeze-drying technology and VF vacuum low-temperature frying dehydration: The chips processed by FD (vacuum freeze-drying) technologies are crushed with fingers to make a powder, which is the easiest of the two techniques. The method of differentiation.

1. From a technical point of view, domestic fruit and vegetable chips mainly use VF and FD technologies.

2. From the perspective of production costs, VF processing technology is slightly lower than FD.

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