How To Freeze Aquatic Products-- Crustaceans?

May. 28, 2019 | 10:43:33

Here is Frozen Seafood Manufacturer talking about How To Freeze Aquatic Products-- Crustaceans.

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The main products are prawn tail (fake lobster tail), frozen imitation prawn and frozen shuttle crab meat segment.

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1. Shrimp-tailed prawn has a considerable yield in the deep-sea area of the East China Sea. This shrimp has not been valued and utilized in the past. Sometimes it is dumped. In fact, this shrimp tail is of high value and can be exported to Canada, the United States, and other countries. It can be used as a substitute for lobster, so it is also called a fake lobster.

The tail of the prawn is a processed product that removes the head, removes the internal organs, and is shelled.

Process flow Raw material shrimp→washing→to remove head viscera→washing→draining→putting→freezing→packing ice-coating→grading weighing→packaging→refrigeration

The tail and back of the shrimp must be cleaned without sediment. They are separately arranged on the frozen plate. After the line is filled, a layer of plastic film is placed on the body of the shrimp. A layer of shrimp tail is laid on the film and then frozen by air. The method performs individual rapid cold junction (or quick freezing of the monomer). When the center temperature of the shrimp body reaches -24 °C, the frozen and unloaded trays are immersed in the clean water of 2~3 °C, and then the grade is applied. It is packed in a polyethylene plastic film bag and refrigerated in cold storage at -20 °C.

The finished product of the shrimp tail is about 36% of the total shrimp body, and the average weight of the whole shrimp is generally 150 grams. Individuals are 250 grams.

2. Freezing and the only prawn has a considerable yield in the East China Sea and is one of the varieties with high economic value. Domestic sales and exports are very much needed.

Process flow Shrimp body washing → grading → loading → adding water cooling knot → stripping → ice coating → packaging → refrigerating

When it is frozen, it is dispersed in a tray, and the tray is 1 kg and 2 kg. At -24 ° C, the plate is filled with water to cover the surface of the shrimp and moved to freeze. The frozen plate was immersed in the clear water to remove the plate, and the surface of the shrimp body was attached to the ice coat. The polyethylene film bag was used for inner packaging, and then the corrugated box was used for refrigerating (-20 ° C).

3. Frozen crab segment is rich in the East and the Yellow Sea. It has a wide distribution and high yield. It is an aquatic resource with great potential. The crab is very easy to spoil and deteriorate. The ice insurance period is only 3 to 4 days, so the ice fish It is difficult for the ship to bring the crabs captured by the entire voyage back to the port. Only the crab meat can be processed or caught and discarded.

The frozen crab segment is a shuttle crab with a foot that is stripped, licked, smashed, and cut.

Process flow Whole crab washing → peeling crab cover → licking and removing dirt → cutting section → washing → draining → loading → freezing → ice coating → packaging → cold storage

The captured crab is washed with seawater to remove the dirt and dirt attached to the crab body. After removing the cover, the chelate, and the internal organs, it is cut into two sections, washed with sea water, drained, and placed in a frozen dish. It is 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg. When the temperature of the crab body reaches -24 °C, the tray can be unloaded. After being wrapped in ice, it is placed in a polyethylene plastic film bag and refrigerated in cold storage at -20 °C.

The yield of the shuttle crab meat segment is 40 to 45% of the total weight of the fresh crab. Since the non-edible portion of the crab accounts for 55-60% of the total weight, it takes up a large cabin capacity and cold capacity when refrigerated, so that processing into a crab segment is economical and convenient to eat.

4. Frozen Crab Meat is made by processing the fresh crab or quick-frozen crab caught on the boat as follows:

Process flow Whole crab→washing→peeling→disintegration and removal→meat harvesting→bagging→weighing→sealing→freezing→→refrigeration

Crab meat is a light yellow or white meat chop from the crab body. The meat is delicious and nutritious. It is a small package of frozen food that people like to eat.

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