6 Food Storage Lessons Learned(1)

Jan. 29, 2019 | 15:12:45

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For the past years, we've been storing food and eating our own food storage supplies. Here is what I've learned that you won't find elsewhere.

1. Food Costs

Food prices are still increasing. The meals we saved decades past cost me less than what it costs today to purchase exactly the identical food. As an investment choice, this one was very simple to create: food storage features a larger return on your investment than any other thing you can imagine. Years later after beginning to shop food, we discovered how good food storage actually was investments in silver and gold.

1-year food components bought 10 - 20 years back price less than half what they currently price now. A lot of individual food items have become in cost three to four times as far as they used to price. The buying power of a dollar in 1996 has been more than it's now, and the exact same is applicable to your own food storage, it's much more precious now than previously.

We have managed to consume our meals storage anytime it had been needed. Initially, we did not consume our food storage before many years had passed. We had a number of those products stored securely away from our food storage source. It was particularly gratifying to quit spending money in the supermarket and just turn to our storage. Even more pleasing was to discover how good it actually was to consume.

2. Nutrition

Our daily diet altered because of keeping food also. The dried foods which we had saved were"single component" things such as sausage, spaghetti, legumes, rice, wheat, vegetables etc. These goods do not have any additives, they are simply whole healthy foods kept in airtight containers.

The exact same goes with the grains, wheat, and mixtures. You are not getting or purchasing anything else. A number of the foods that you see in the supermarket are just unhealthy to consume since they are so packed full of additives and compounds. It appears as though the target is to get folks to get more time getting less. This assists their gains but it is not the healthiest option for you.

In the current world, healthful eating is the very best health insurance coverage whatsoever. Everything you eat has a lifelong effect on your general well-being and wellness. It is too simple to ignore this, but I discovered the hard way because most individuals do. Eating right and eating wholesome really is quite important.

It was no difficulty whatsoever to start our food storage and be sure everyone had enough to eat in"yesterday's costs".

3. Packaging

We packaged up our own meals, buying massive boxes and bags of food such as wheat, mixed meats, different types of potatoes, fruits, sugar, and salt. The practice of"doing your own" is not difficult, but it's a time-sensitive attempt when using oxygen absorbers. We did not discover this to be a lot of price savings considering that the true hard work and preparation involved and wouldn't do so again.

Both packing types aren't airtight and have to be repackaged to acquire the long shelf life. Shelf lives of 10 to 30 years for many food products is definitely possible if the food has been sealed up in grade airtight containers. It must be said that the vacuum "food saver" type storage bags made from plastic do not work and aren't suggested. We tried these broadly and gave them up in short order. In a matter of weeks (even if we attempted to double-bag and double-heat seal the pits ) we discovered that nearly each one of these leaked out of osmosis. Afterward, our meals saver system was subsequently sold because it was not used again following this discovery.

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