Steps To Grow Strawberries

Jan. 07, 2019 | 00:00:00

1. Plant at the right time.

Strawberries grown throughout the year are far better than winter in the autumn, because in the fall they have more time to grow, adapt to new contours, and construct a healthy root growth system that thrives.

2. Choose a sunny, warm place. 

Strawberry Xiyang does not like Yin, a little breeze is better.

3. Excavate properly. 

Add a lot of fertilizer to enrich the soil and remove all weeds.

Strawberries prefer fertile soil. If the soil is loose or heavy, add a few decomposed organic substance. Then cover the earth around the plant using wheat straw, leaves, fertilizer, etc. to protect the surface dirt and keep the strawberries clean.

4. Remove the strawberry plants from the storage container. 

Soak the root ball in a bucket of water for about one hour. This will help to relieve the impact from the container to the floor and be sure that the roots are wet enough.

5. Dig a hole in the soil, put the strawberry plant in it, and keep its root neck on the surface of the soil, fill it, and compact the soil.

6. Water often, but do not pour a lot -- the roots don't need sufficient water, but do not like to soak in the water. After the soil surface thickness is about 1cm, it is the very best time to water. Pour on the root of the plant, maybe not on the fruit, otherwise, it can cause the fruit to rot.

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