Do You Know About The FD Lemon Slices?

Nov. 08, 2018 | 17:50:47

Lemon slices are divided into dried lemon slices and lyophilized lemon slices. Dried lemon slices are generally thin; freeze-dried lemon slices are generally thicker.

Lemon slices are rich in vitamins, whitening and nourishing, refreshing, preventing osteoporosis, and adding food to taste.

Dry lemon slices are generally thinner, and the color is not as good as freeze-dried lemons. Generally, it is easy to blacken! Black is because lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, and vitamin C is easily oxidized, so it will be black!

However,the FD Lemon Slices are frozen at minus 30 degrees, thus retaining its original ingredients and nutrition, and the nutritional value is very high. The taste is also very good. The dried lemon slices do not have this effect. Freeze-dried lemon is vacuum freeze-dried. Different from the general thermal drying method, freeze-drying preserves the color, nutrition and aromatic ingredients of the food to the greatest extent, and the taste is better. 

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   FD Lemon Slices

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