Fd Instant Noodles Process Steps

Feb. 28, 2019 | 10:13:13

Here is China Freeze Dry Instant Food Supplier talking about Process Steps For Fd Instant Noodles. 

With the continuous development of vacuum freeze dryer technology, the emergence of vacuum freeze dryers for instant noodles has made new, healthy and non-fried freeze-dried kinds of pasta popular and recognized. The lyophilized instant noodles are resistant to boiling, and the mouthfeel is smooth and glutinous after cooking, and the noodles are tough, thin and translucent.

China Freeze Dry Instant Food Supplier

FD Instant Noodles, including noodles and seasoning bags, wherein the lyophilization process of the cakes is as follows:

(1) Mixing high-gluten wheat flour, salt, and water into a batter;

(2) Put the batter prepared in the previous step into the mature skin of the cold skin mechanism;

(3) Air drying the cooked dough prepared in the previous step;

Fd Instant Noodles

(4) Cutting the cooked dough after air drying into noodles with a slitter;

(5) Quantitatively dispensing the noodles into a sizing mold and pressing into a wet cake;

(6) The wet cake is placed in the instant noodle freeze dryer, and the finished cake is obtained after lyophilization and dehydration.

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