DIY: Fd Instant Noodles

Mar. 12, 2019 | 10:19:28

In the decades when instant noodles existed, there is naturally a reason for its existence: convenience and deliciousness. For many busy people, eating instant noodles seems to have become part of life. Nowadays, I have not eaten it very often, but there are still occasional days. If it doesn't work, I will do it.

Fd Instant Noodles

Material :

Fd Instant Noodles 

Freezing Dried Sweet Corn Kernels 100g

Cabbage 100g

Carrot 50g

Egg one

Green garlic

Peanut oil, onion, ginger, a little

Practice Steps:

1. Heat a little oil in the pan, beat an egg, stir fry until slightly solidified, and serve;

2. Put a little oil, put onion ginger and casserole, add Freezing Dried Sweet Corn Kernels, chopped cabbage and carrots, stir well, pour in boiling water, because fried noodles, not too much water;

3. Add the dough and seasoning, mix well, cover for 5 minutes, then stir fry the sauce;

4. Pour the fried eggs and mix well. Add green garlic and mix well.

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