What Kind of People are not Suitable to Eat Cranberry Powder?

Jul. 04, 2019 | 15:50:30

Many people in our lives like to eat cranberries. Although the price of cranberry is more expensive, it tastes very good, and it tastes sour. Most people choose cranberry when they eat it. There are some people who choose to eat Freeze Dry Cranberry Powder, and when they eat cranberry powder, they usually choose to eat together with water, so what kind of people are not suitable to eat cranberry powder?

Freeze Dry Cranberry Powder

Freeze Dry Cranberry Powder

Freeze Dry Cranberry is not suitable for the following people to eat:

1. Diabetic patients

Because cranberry contains more polysaccharides, it is used with caution in diabetic patients. Because diabetes is not normal in the metabolism of sugar, the ability to regulate blood sugar is insufficient, resulting in high blood sugar levels.

2. Stone patients

Cranberry has a higher oxalic acid content, so patients with kidney stones should be used with caution. The accumulation of oxalic acid in the body is one of the main causes of the occurrence of kidney urinary stones.

3. Blood stasis

Bloody constitution is due to the systemic blood flow is not so smooth, there is a hidden tendency to blood stasis. People with blood stasis should not eat cold food to prevent blood lipids from rising, blocking blood vessels, and avoid affecting blood and blood. And cranberry is a cold food, bloody body should be fasted.

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