How To Clean Frozen Scallops?

Apr. 28, 2019 | 10:43:30

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First, the method of cleaning the scallops to clean the sediment: drowning.

This method is the most direct and the most thorough way to remove the sediment in the scallop. After the scallop is thawed, put the scallop into the boiling water pot, cover the lid, remove it after one minute, rinse with water, and scallop the scallop. Wash the mud thoroughly and drain the water for later use. With this method, the sediment can be removed without reservation.

Second, fresh scallops to clean the sediment:

1. Soak in sesame oil brine:

If time permits, you can use sesame oil and salt water to soak the scallops. One thing to note about this method is the temperature of the water. The water is preferably 20 degrees above or below the water. If the tap water is discharged directly from the faucet. The water temperature is low, and the scallops do not like to open their mouths. Using this method for 2-3 hours, the scallops will spit out a lot of sediment.

2. Shaking back and forth:

Find a large pot or lid with a lid, put the scallops in, pour a little water, no more, then shake the container back and forth with your hands, moderately, not too big. After shaking for two minutes, the scallops are dizzy, and a lot of sediment will spit out. Wash it with water and shake it again. It will be almost three times.

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