Research On Modified Atmosphere Preservation Technology Of Aquatic Products

Apr. 25, 2019 | 10:10:58

As a manufacturer of Frozen Alaska Pollock Fillets, we will discuss Research On Modified Atmosphere Preservation Technology Of Aquatic Products with you.

Research and development of freshwater fish testis fI aquatic products modified atmosphere preservation technology research% modified atmosphere packaging technology is a popular type of preservative-free fresh-keeping packaging technology, which is a gas-adjusting packaging process. According to the foreign data and the test conducted by the research team, according to the foreign materials and the degree of freshness, the mixture of aerobic and anaerobic gases is used to optimize the proportion of gas mixing. During storage, the microbial, physicochemical and sensory indicators of the samples are tested, and the composition and mixing ratio of the mixed gas required for the preservation period of the best preservation quality is selected.

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The gas proportional mixer is based on the original gas proportional mixer, absorbs the technical characteristics of the domestic and foreign gas proportional mixer, and focuses on solving the large gas supply ratio proportional mixer that can be used for production applications, and has versatility. According to the theory that the gas composition does not change when the pressure of the mixed gas changes, the pressure of the gas mixture is increased, and the mixed gas is stored by the pressure difference, so that the gas superimposed mixing and storage are alternately and continuously performed, thereby providing a large-capacity mixed gas.

The technology and products can be used for fresh-keeping packaging of various aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, and anti-corrosion or mildew-proof packaging of cooked foods. The total new output value has reached 18.52 million yuan, and the new profits and taxes are 2.85 million yuan. The economic benefits are remarkable. The technology was completed by Shanghai Fisheries University.

The project is mainly aimed at a developmental research project in which the resources of freshwater fish in Guangdong are abundant, the source of the freshwater fish testis is relatively concentrated, and the freshness is good. Physical and chemical and orthogonal design methods were used to systematically extract the technology of extracting nuclear protein and protamine from freshwater fish testis (mainly carp, carp, tilapia), and screen out the extracted nuclear protein and The best process conditions for protamine, the development of nuclear protein and protamine products. The product has been tested by Guangdong Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Station. The DNA content of nuclear protein is more than 60%, and the nuclear protein is combined with DNA and protamine in a ratio of 2:1, so that its purity is over 90%. The protein content of the protein is also over 90%.

Both products contain abundant amino acids, especially arginine, and a certain amount of trace elements such as Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, etc. The appearance of the product is white. In addition, the preservation period of protamine (added 0.8%) in fish cake reached the effect of sodium benzoate (addition of 0.3) and potassium sorbate (addition of 0.2%), indicating that protamine has a certain antibacterial effect. As a natural preservative. The nuclear protein is rich in DMA (about 60%), has a certain anti-aging effect, and can be used as a food nutrition additive. At present, the nuclear protein extraction technology of the project has been promoted and applied in three production plants.

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