What Are The Advantages Of Frozen Foods?

May. 24, 2019 | 13:58:16

As a Quick Frozen Food Supplier, we will discuss What are the advantages of frozen foods.

1. Fresh and unchanged & keep tasty

Ultra-low temperature freezing technology can completely reduce the central temperature of seafood to -60 ° C in a short time, which can quickly and effectively cool the food, completely cure the moisture, and prevent the quality change caused by the fluidity, ensuring The nutrition and moisture of the seafood are not lost, and the non-destructive effect is achieved, ensuring that the taste of the food is completely preserved. After the food is thawed, it is no different from fresh ones, maintaining the original color, original flavor and original quality of the seafood.

Quick Frozen Food Supplier

2. Independent packaging & low temperature sterilization

The US FDA stipulates that fish (seafood) must be frozen at -35 ° C for 15 hours or -20 ° C for 7 days to eat raw food. In the environment of ultra-low temperature freezing, it can effectively prevent bacteria from invading. Seafood must be processed beforehand and frozen rapidly during the golden period. Ultra-low temperature can kill bacteria and parasites, and after sterilization, it can be placed in the environment of -60 °C. Preservation, ensuring the safety and quality of seafood, independent fresh packaging, perfect lock.

3. Zero loss & cold chain transportation

For some seafood that are far away or not easy to preserve, it will cause a lot of loss during long-distance transportation and make it lose its delicious food experience. However, through the whole process of -60 ° C ultra-low temperature freezer, you can keep the meat fresh and nutritious.

The mature ultra-low temperature cold chain is operated at a slightly higher cost than the ordinary cold chain, but it is lower than the fresh transportation, and has almost no damage, which greatly enhances the value of the food and preserves the taste of the food. Therefore, in general, ultra-low temperature foods will be enjoyed by consumers at a more civilian price, and their quality is no different from that of expensive products that are particularly expensive in the past, especially “high on”.

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