Technical Application Of FD Instant Soup

Aug. 24, 2018 | 08:59:35

FD Instant Soup is a new force that cannot be underestimated in convenience foods in recent years. In the current convenience food ranks, instant noodles occupy a large share of the market, and it attracts consumers of all walks of life with convenience. However, the nutrition of instant noodles is far less than its convenience, which makes many people think of its nutritional defects. FD soup can be used as a convenience food alone or in combination with instant noodles. FD soup is a kind of convenient soup made by using FD technology. When you eat it, you only need to add proper amount of hot water to get nutritious and delicious soup. FD soup contains vegetables, eggs, lean meat, fans, etc. It can be used as a breakfast, as well as a meal for lunch and dinner. It is both nutritious and convenient, especially suitable for children and the elderly. Because it is light in weight and convenient for storage and transportation, it is more suitable for eating when traveling. It is convenient to carry, ready to eat, and comprehensive in nutrition. It is a kind of food that is growing and growing in convenience food. In recent years, FD instant noodles have also appeared on the market. It has changed the frying process of traditional instant noodles in China, and used FD technology to dehydrate and dry noodles, which avoids the damage and loss of nutrients caused by frying. The original flavor of the noodles is preserved, which can be said to be a kind of green food. The instant noodles are not fried, the shelf life is relatively extended, and the rehydration is also good.

FD Instant Soup

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