FD Instant Rib-shiitake Porridge


Net weight: 38g

Content: FD seasoned rice block, oatmeal packet.

Packing: in barrels or bags.

Features: Non-fried rice with genuine rib meat and shiitake dices, no preservatives. Only 5 munites to enjoy the delicious porridge that tastes like newly-cooked.

Certificates: ISO FDA

Product Details

1. Usage: put the oatmeal onto the rice block, pour into boiled water till all ingredients are under water. Put on lid and wait for 5 munites, then ready for delicious porridge.

2. Freeze-drying technology has maximally remained most of the nutritional contents in fresh food. FD instant porridge is rather popular for outdoor activities such as hiking/camping/exploring due to its light weight, full nutritiion, and convenience on cooking. It's also served in fast food restaurants as breakfast.

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