FD Strawberry Slices


SliceThickness: 2-3mm 

Moisture Content: 1-5%

Features: 100% Natural, Zero addtitives,  Non-fried, Non-puffed, dehydrated & crispy, excellent rehydration performance.

Certificates: ISO FDA BRC 

Origin: China

Product Details

Freeze-drying is nowadays the most advanced technology in dehydrated food industry, which has maximally remained most of the nutritional contents in fresh fruits.

1.  Product Name: FD Strawberry Slices

    Produced from freshly harvested, washed, sorted and deep frozen strawberries by freeze-drying according to GMP and under strictly  sanitary  conditions.

2.    Physical Properties:

Country   of Origin



Natural red


Characteristically,   no off-flavor


Typical strawberry taste


None, no  additives, no preservatives, 

          no processing aids.

Size   Sieving

3-5mm thickness


3.    Chemical Properties:

Moisture Content

≤ 5%


4.    Microbiology Properties:

Total Plate Count



≤ 1000/g



E. coli:



5.    Shelf Life:

24 months under cool and dry storage conditions, avoid heat and direct sunlight.


6.    Packing:

The product will be packed in 15kgs/carton ( 1x5kgs/bag, 3 bags per carton).

7.    GMO Statement:

      All of the raw materials used have been investigated and none is derived from

      genetically modified organisms.


8.    Quality Control:

Every shipment will be accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis.

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