FD Sea-Buckthorn Powder


Spec.: 60 mesh

Moisture Content: 1-5%

Features: 100% Natural, Zero addtitives,  Non-fried, Non-puffed, dehydrated & crispy, excellent rehydration performance.

Certificates: ISO FDA BRC 

Origin: China

Product Details

1. Freeze-drying is nowadays the most advanced technology in dehydrated food industry, which has maximally remained most of the nutritional contents in fresh fruits.

2. FD fruit powder is widely used in softdrink and health care industry. It also can be added into oatmeal/yogurt/ice cream, and change it into fruit flavor.

Product nameFD sea-buckthorn powder

Ingredient100% fresh or IQF seabuckthorn

Additive & Preservative: None.

Size: 40-80 mesh

Taste: natural and crispy.

Flavor: natural and original flavor.

Color: natural red color.

Moisture content: <=5%

Shelf life24 months.

Storage: Dry and cool place below 25 avoid direct sunlight and heat.


Origin China

Packing: 1x5kgs/ctn with PE bag in bulk; 20g aluminum foil bag for retail.

Min Order: 1x20fcl (that is approx. 1200kgs).

Mixed container is allowed with minimum 200kgs/each item.

Features: 100% natural, low calorie, zero-fat, not fried, not puffed, no artificial coloring, no preservatives or other additives, 90% nutritional values remain intact, with same taste, scent, color as the fresh one. 

Application area: retail snack food or ingredients for production of cereal, baking, soft drink….

Various Edible Ways: open and eat, mix with milk, ice cream, cereal, or to make fruit tea with boiled water etc.


5.0 minutes max in hot water

10.0 minutes max in cold water 


Total Plate Count   20,000cfu/g max

Coliforms          < 30MPN/g

Yeast & Molds      < 100cfu/g

Salmonella          Absent in 20gr

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